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Realme 8 Pro

Realme 8 Pro added to the official website: specifications revealed in detail

di Patricia Maimone

Realme 8 Pro has not yet been officially announced but we really know a lot about him. The launch, in fact, will take place on March 24, 2021 but the main technical specifications (also thanks to some previews of the company) are no longer a big secret. This allows us to give the device as "almost official". But how will it be? We assess the situation.

Realme 8 Pro, main features

There are a few days left for the Realme 8 Pro to become official but the main features that will distinguish it are now known (some even officially from Realme). Having a more or less complete picture, therefore, is far from impossible. Let's start with the display which will be a 6,4 inch AMOLED Full HD Plus which will integrate a sensor for fingerprint detection. We do not know the exact capacity of the battery but it is clear that it will be compatible with the mode of 50W fast charging. 17 minutes will be enough to charge the smartphone from 0 to 50%.

Interesting is the thickness of the Realme 8 Pro which should be equal to 8,1 mm for a weight of 176 grams. No indiscretions for core hardware components such as processor, RAM and storage capacity. These details remain, at the moment, shrouded in mystery and will come to the surface, in all probability, only at the time of the official launch.

A screaming camera

One of the main features of the Realme 8 Pro will be its rear camera. While we know practically nothing about the front one, as regards the one on the back it is clear that it will be one quad cams. Four, therefore, the sensors that will compose it with the main one that will have a resolution of well 108 MP. In this regard, we remind you that this smartphone will be the first of Realme to mount a camera with this resolution.

The photographic capabilities of the Realme 8 Pro are increasing the expectation of all fans. Based on what has been leaked, the smartphone will be able to perform shots at night of almost unparalleled quality. Below, among other things, we can see some examples! And for the rest? We look forward to the event to be held on March 24, 2021 at 15 pm and that will make official one of the most anticipated smartphones of the moment. Stay connected to not miss the next updates.


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