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Realme 8 Pro and OPPO Find X3 Pro receive the first updates in Italy

di Patricia Maimone

New updates have been released in Italy on 3 smartphones between OPPO and Realme. The Realme 8 Pro it is one of the latest Chinese devices to hit the market. The smartphone, in fact, was made official a few days ago since the presentation took place in the third decade of March 2021. Despite being brand new, though, the 8 Pro has just been joined by a first major post-launch update. What does it consist of and what are the innovations it brings with it?

Realme 8 Pro receives the first update

Realme 8 Pro is receiving, in these hours, a important update. This is the first ever since, as we all know, the device has just been made official. It is worth mentioning that before the launch the smartphone had received the function via update Starry fashion is that Starry Timelapse. The update of the software launched by Android, however, is important since it updates, first of all, the security of the smartphone. In fact, it contains the April 2021 security patch. But, safety aside (fundamental aspect) what do we expect from this update?

The first aspect that we want to point out concerns a novelty made to the camera of the Realme 8 Pro. This, in fact, has received the wait Hyper Motion Slo-Mo mode and some small inaccuracies have been improved (in terms of shades and colors) that could have been found in particular environmental conditions. Recall that the device is equipped with a rear quad cam with a main sensor of 108 MP.

The Realme 8 Pro update, however, doesn't stop with the camera and security. In fact, some new features also concern the operating system. On this level, some problems that had been reported and related to the notification bar and some scrolling phases of the display have been solved.

For the rest, the upload of the top of the Chinese range has one size of 330 MB. A “normal” value for which, however, it is always advisable to use the Wi-Fi connection. We conclude by recalling that this is an OTA (on the air) update so it will take a couple of weeks to be received by everyone.

First update also for OPPO Find X3 Pro

oppo find x3 pro update 2021

Many users of our community have also reported us the first update for OPPO Find X3 Pro, launched on the market only last month. The update is based on ColorOS 11.2 and carries the version number CPH2173_11_A.14, With a weight of 249 MB. The update introduces the security patches of the month of March 2021 but does not stop there.

At the operating system level we find the new Hans Zimmer ringtones and improvements to performance and stability. They also improve the effects of the camera and the user experience with the photographic sector. Optimizations have also arrived for the on-call experience and connection.

Realm 7

realme 7 patch update February 2021

Finally, the Realme 7 that we have in the editorial office also received an update. The update introduces the security patches for the month of February 2021 and improvements to the stability and performance of the operating system. The build code in this case is RMX2155_11_A.84. Unfortunately, it is not yet time for Android 11 and Realme UI 2.0, so, however, the beta testing phase has just begun in India.

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