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realme dual-flagship strategy

Realme will adopt the Dual-Flagship Strategy: performance vs camera!

di Patricia Maimone

Realme it is a very young brand but it is making a name for itself in a very intense way. Born from an offshoot of OPPO in 2018, we have seen this sub-brand grow with the launch of several devices, some of which are very interesting smartphones. During the MWC in Shanghai, the company presented what will be its approach to the smartphone sector for 2021 and therefore in the coming months defining it as "Dual-Flagship Strategy". What will it consist of? Let's see it together.

Realme: from budget-friendly to top of the range

If Realme's first steps in the world of smartphones essentially focused on budget-friendly devices, things have changed a bit over the months. Not that the brand has abandoned cheap smartphones, quite the opposite! The production has grown a lot but it has also matched you several top of the range to which, now, we are getting used to. It is, to be specified, always top of the range with an eye to the price.

Example of "high end" is the X series that Realme started producing one year after its birth, from 2019. We are talking about devices like the Realme X2 Pro, followed last year by the Realme X50 in Pro version and from the X3 SuperZoom (the latter clearly focused on the photographic sector with its periscope sensor).

Dual-Flagship Strategy: this is what it consists of

Since Realme had set itself, from the beginning, to give priority to economic and mid-range devices, it is inevitable that in these two sectors its strategy has borne the best results. As for the top of the range, however, there still seems to be a lot to work on and the company knows it well. That's why during the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai (held between 23 and 25 February 2021) presented the so-called Dual Flagship Strategy.

A whole new strategy that will see, from now on, a division of the top of the Realme range in two "strands". The first will be that of "Performance flagship" which will give priority, as the name suggests, to performance and which will therefore focus on the best processors. For example, the Realme GT which will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

On the other hand we will find another trend, that of "Flagship room". Instead, all the smartphones that will focus, instead, on photographic qualities will be placed inside. They will be smartphones that will rely on the potential of important chipsets in this field such as i MediaTek Dimensity with 5G connectivity.

realme gt official image
Realme GT, the next top of the range to be released in March

The goal is quite clear: to continue offering flagship smartphones (or better flagship killer) always at competitive prices, but satisfying all users and listening to their needs. If for the "performance" strand there is already a reference model for 2021 (Realme GT, arriving on March 4th), we cannot say the same for the “camera” vein which still remains shrouded in mystery. More details, however, may be around the corner. Stay connected so as not to lose them!

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