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realme smart 5g power saving

Realme has created a technology to consume less battery in 5G

di Michael Frosty

The 5G connectivity guarantees an extraordinary connection speed, but at the same time greatly increases energy consumption by consequently decreasing the battery life of the smartphone. To overcome this problem Realme has created a new technology called Smart 5G Power Saving, which we will see on board the new Realm 8 5G only out in a handful of hours.

The new technology will allow the smartphone's processor to consume 30% less power than 4G processors sold in the same price range. A truly remarkable energy saving, if we consider how much fifth generation connectivity consumes due to a modem that requires much more energy. On Realme 8 5G, Smart 5G Power Saving technology will result in an autonomy of 529 hours in standby.

The new Realme 8 in 5G version will be officially announced tomorrow 21 April for the European market and will be powered by the processor MediaTek Dimensity 700 built at 7 nm. It will also have a 5000 mAh and a display with 90 Hz refresh rate, Full HD + resolution, brightness up to 600 nits and touch sampling rate at 180 Hz. It will be able to intelligently switch between 4G and 5G based on usage and will reach speeds of connection up to 2,34 Gbps.


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