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Realme prepares new TWS headphones with ANC and 2 low cost smartphones

di Michael Frosty

Realme is working hard to extend its ecosystem as soon as possible in 2021. 3 pairs of new true wireless headphones, one of which according to the latest information is really intriguing. According to a well-known leakster who also published an equivocal photo as evidence of the facts, the manufacturer has decided to collaborate with The Chainsmokers to launch new true wireless earphones.

In the image you can read the slogan "Noise Off, Realme On“, Which suggests the presence on board the headphones of the technology of active noise cancellation (ANC). They could therefore be the heirs of the Buds Air Pro, a high-end model but still with a list price of less than 100 euros. 2 other cheaper true wireless headphones have also been certified by the SIRIM body: the Bud's Air 2 identified by the model code RMA2003 and the Buds Q2 with the code RMA2008.

Along with the earphones, low cost smartphones have also received certification Realme C21 e Narzos 30A with 4G connectivity. We already know thanks to the FCC that the Buds Q2 will have a similar design to the Buds Q, a microUSB port and 40 mAh batteries, with a 400 mAh case and two colors: black and green. On the Buds Air 2, however, no information has yet been leaked.


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