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Realme: smartphone prices on the rise, there is a shortage of components

di Michael Frosty

The pandemic has also brought the smartphone market to its knees not only in terms of sales, but also causing unprecedented difficulties in manufacturing the hardware components needed to produce mobile phones. Realme just raised the alarm: smartphone prices could rise very soon due to the shortage of components. The announcement came from the company's vice president (who is also the president of the Chinese division) Xu Qi.

The increase in the prices of smartphones, not only those of Realme but also those of Xiaomi (even the latter has issued a similar warning) and other brands, could already happen in the second half of the 2021. The specific cause of the price increase is the lack of raw materials for the production of smartphones, primarily i processors and car's battery performance. Much more demand is expected than the supply available and this would cause a substantial levitation of the final price.

However, Realme has no intention of giving up its philosophy of offering everyone smartphones with the highest level of convenience possible. Killer flagships and mid-range devices will remain the focus for this year, but for the second half of the year, the convenience will likely drop a bit compared to what we are used to in the current period.

This year Realme has in mind to adopt the Dual-Flagship strategy by launching its top of the range in pairs: one focused on performance, the other on the camera. The moral is clear: if you need a new smartphone, the wisest choice could be to buy it immediately using one of the quote of this period.

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