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Realme: all smartphones above € 300 in 2021 will be 5G

di Michael Frosty

Realme has been pretty clear lately in her intentions to bring 5G to market at increasingly affordable prices. And now the CEO Madhav Sheth gave further confirmation on the company's plans with more precise information. According to the CEO, Realme wants to become the company that will make 5G "popular" on the Indian market, in Europe and on other global markets by bringing it to the masses.

Madhav Sheth expressly stated that all smartphones launched by the manufacturer in India in 2021 that will have a price above 20.000 rupees will support 5G connectivity. To make this possible, the manufacturer will launch 5G devices at lower prices to allow users to exploit the potential of the latest processors with higher capacities in terms of energy saving, display optimization, cameras, gaming performance and more.

At the current exchange rate 20.000 rupees is equal to approximately EUR 228, but we know that smartphone prices are higher in Europe than in India. To give an idea, the price of Realme 7 Pro in India is 19.999 rupees, while in Italy it costs 299,90 euros according to the current price list on the official store (319,90 euros at launch). We can therefore deduce that all Realme smartphones of 5 above 2021 euros should have 300G connectivity. We leave you what was declared by CEO Madhav Sheth al The Indian Express, translated into Italian.

Realme wants to be the company that will popularize 5G in India, Europe and other global markets. To achieve this, we will introduce 5G smartphones at democratized prices to enable users to experience the latest processors with advanced capacity in terms of power management, display optimization, cameras, gaming performance etc. in order to make consumers ready for 5G and the future.

While the main benefits of 5G are advanced connectivity and speed, I believe the new networks have the power to revolutionize industries such as education and health, turning every home into a smart home. Today's consumers are more inclined to adopt a connected, technology-enhanced lifestyle, and 5G will play a pivotal role in building this lifestyle for them.

Realme was the first manufacturer to bring a 5G smartphone to India: we are talking about the X50 Pro. Meanwhile, the most important operators of the peninsula such as Airtel and Reliance Jio are working to create the first stable 5G network and on large scale in India. There is therefore no better time to make fifth generation networks the prerogative of all.

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