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USA towards new limits on export tech to China: risks for Chinese companies

di Michael Frosty

The installation of the Biden administration does not seem to have changed the situation between the US and China much, not even on a technological level. Reuter's latest report reveals that the US is considering introducing new restrictions on exports of technological material to China and in all this they intend to involve their allies as well.

A US official revealed this information after President Joe Biden's recent call to Chinese leader Xi Jinping. These limitations could primarily affect the production of chipsets and get to embarrass Chinese companies such as OPPO, Xiaomi (recently entered the US blacklist), Realme and Vivo.

Just as happened with Huawei, in fact, chipmakers of the caliber of MediaTek could find themselves in difficulty in producing processors due to the inability to exploit technologies and components from the US and Western markets. That was to be expected, given the chipset shortage problems caused by the slowdown in industrial production in the technological field due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the restrictions it is considering imposing, the Biden government is also determined to not to provide China with technology that could lead to military advancement. The US also confirms that the tariffs imposed on China by the Trump administration will not be removed or reduced and that there will be intense consultations with allies on the matter.

We still do not know anything for sure about what the restrictions imposed by the US government on the Chinese will be, but it is certain that the two nations are currently far from making peace and reaching a fair compromise on the technological level.


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